IMBA - Real Estate Broker


Dynamic, professional and an efficient business woman, Anik has an IMBA from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto (York University) as well as a B.A. in foreign languages from Bishop's University. With her education and skills she will represent you with professionalism for your real estate transactions.

Anik commenced her professional career as a real estate broker. Since 2010 she has now returned back into real estate after having gained over 15 years of experience in marketing and project management.

Challenges motivate Anik. Anik is methodical and dedicated to help you and she will remain with you during the whole buying and/or selling process.

Anik reaches her goals thanks to her determination and her strength of character has allowed Anik to successfully complete 6 Ironman triathlons.

Should you wish to sell your estate, Anik will offer you a transparent, efficient and concise marketing strategy. Furthermore, she always updates her clients on any activity regarding their estate.

Shoud you wish to purchase, Anik will listen to your needs and negotiate the best conditions.

Anik is endearing, helpful and a good listener.

Always on the look-out for new technologies, Anik will keep an eye on the real estate market for you. You can follow her on twitter or her Facebook Fanpage. Anik's website is filled with information to help you find an estate on Nuns' Island.

With Anik's professionalism, life experience and knowledge of the market, she is the ONE to help you for all your real estate transactions.

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