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Les Sommets I

100 Avenue des Sommets, Ile des Soeurs H3E 1Z8

Condominiums: Les Sommets sur le Fleuve I

Address: 100 Avenue des Sommets, Île-des-Soeurs H3E 1Z8

Number of floors: 20

Number of Signature floors/ PH: 1

Condos on each floor: 7

Condos per Signature floor/ PH: 3

Number of units: 125

Indoor pool: Yes

Outdoor pool: Yes

Gym / Training centre: Yes

Other services: Sauna, poolroom, formal room, guest suite, security 24 hrs with dorrman.


Special features: Services shared with Sommets II.

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Sommets I
Indoor pool
Common room
Billiard room
Outdoor pool

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